About Us

We are a group of professionals who have spent a major part of our lives with the Small and Medium size Enterprises. We have realized that the industry is faced with a multitude of problems, many of which by itself can sink the business. One of the most critical area is marketing and market access. Unfortunately, it is a subject no manager would like to take up because it is equated with warfare and not easy to resolve. Furthermore, the market can change and do change very fast and what used to work before may not work now.

Things move at internet speed now and it is often the case where solutions become irrelevant by the time that they can be implemented. The result is that managers often shake their heads in frustrations when they cannot solve the problem. Of course we can't blame these managers because they might come with excellent credentials but are just not up to the task. To be realistic, we all can only do so much, the rest as they say must come from God's grace.

For entrepreneurs, as well as others who need to do planning, would it not be better if they can see what is waiting for them out there? Yes, it is precisely for this reasons that Real Time Market Research was constituted. Its main aim, if we may call it so is to help these entrepreneurs to see what is really happening out there. We used a Marketing Research Methodology to sense the real demand, the whereabouts of the demands and the buying habits of the general populace out there.

We put out an instrument to do that and used it in real time to continue sensing for changes as they happen. We call our instrument "Touch the Pulse". Unlike other real time methodologies, "Touch the Pulse" is used to sense "Real Buying Power" and not those that are concocted from the social group who have no real intention of buying. In that sense, "Touch the Pulse" is deployed to do real time sensing of market demands. But knowing the market demand might not be enough.

We also help to put our client's brand up on top. It is the internet age and everyone seems to be relying on the net for most things, including the most important of all, information. We put the client's brand up there in the top rankings. When people search, our client gets found. In that way, they will get a constant stream of inquiries from around the world. How nice a feeling would it be if people who don't know you gives you an order, and from even places that you have not heard of!

"Touch the Pulse" is one of the most important application for a secured future and no entrepreneurs should do without it. The world is a great stage for competitions and competitions can come from your next door neighbor! And we all know that market demands can change like the wind and people's whims and fancies defies logic. Big corporations that were top brand a couple of years ago can become overnight discards. So would it not be important that we sense the slightest change in opinion and offer it to our clients so that they can make the necessary change? Yes, having "Touch the Pulse" is the best insurance you can buy. And at an affordable price too!

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